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The signal receiver ZC - MS6800
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  • type:Other integration equipment
  • description:Product size: 40 mmx52mmx15mm product net weight: 46 g. shell material: PC + ABS (Taiwan imports), surface treatment, fine grinding, product color: black, white, carrying way: watch type display screen: color OLED, number keys

Product size: 40 mm X52mm X 15 mm 
Net weight: 46 g 
Shell material: PC + ABS (Taiwan imports) 
Surface treatment: fine grinding 
Product color: black, white 
Carry way: wrist watch 
The screen: color OLED 
Key number: 3 
Key life: one million times 
Charging, charging ways: microUSB port 
Power input: 100-240 - v AC 50/60 hz 
Output power: DC5V / 0.25 A 
Battery: 3.7 V lithium battery 
Battery capacity: 320 mah 
Receiving sensitivity: - 114 DBM 
Display resolution: 128 * 128 
Using spectrum: 433.92 MHz 
EMC anti-interference: strong 
Can take pager number: 399 
Display type: a set of 3-5 adjustable stored (function) 
Prompt: vibration, bell, bell 
XiaoHao mode: manual and automatic 
Automatic XiaoHao time: 1-99 seconds, 00 to infinite display (can be removed manually) 
Standby time for 10 days 
Technical characteristics 
Large OLED color display, illumination, seismic resistance to fall off 
, easy to carry, delicate appearance, independent Chinese information mobile receiving host accept call 
Has registered "placeholder" function 
Supporting software, display information can be customized, support custom advertising information 
Registered serial port to download function, simplify the registration process 
Number display digits, 3-5 adjustable scroll store 10 number 
Can take 399 call extension, number may be English, digital display a variety of combination way 
, a vibration, ring tones, add bell three tips 


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