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The signal receiving host ZC - SC100
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  • type:Other integration equipment
  • description:Product size: 202 mmx130mmx30mm product net weight: 380 g · installation: desktop, hanging, shell material: ABS (Taiwan) imported product color: black, button life: one million times, surface treatment, fine grinding, digital tube display

Product size: 202 mm X130mm X 30 mm 
Net weight: 380 g 
Installation method: desktop, hanging 
Shell material: ABS (Taiwan imports) 
Product color: black 
Key life: one million times 
Surface treatment: fine grinding 
Digital tube display colors: red 
Display type: a set of three Numbers stored (function) 
Power input: 100-240 vac 50/60 hz 
Output power: DC12V / 1 a 
Sound length: 01-15 hours (1 number 2 seconds) 
Receiving sensitivity: - 114 DBM 
Using spectrum: 433.92 MHz 
EMC anti-interference: strong 
Can take pager number: 300 
Voice types: ding-dong, alarm, voice number 
Automatic XiaoHao time: 1-99 seconds, 00 for display 
English letters show: A, B, C, D, E, F, H, P, L, J 
Technical characteristics 
Compact appearance, full screen 
Can take 300 call extension, can choose digital display or English letter 
, according to a set of three Numbers, store 10 scroll call number 
Number, have a voice to function, alarm, music, etc 
With automatic reset function, the corresponding number automatically deleted after more than set time 
Has registered "placeholder" function 
, can be arbitrarily set show that the length of the call number 
The length of the setting, receive any music 
Long distance receiving, receiving distance can reach 1500 meters (open) 


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