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Nanjing operations center :

Service hotline :400-998-2017

Sales hotline :025-58804546


Correspondence address  :Nanjing gulou set 268 city gate street suning ivgl 08-33 level 1 

The Beijing office:

The Shenzhen office:

The contact :Manager jiang 

The contact :Manager dong 

Sales hotline:156-1166-3456

Sales hotline182-0210-5823

Address:Beijing chaoyang district city beiyuan road triumph 16 layer 7 floor 

Address:Shenzhen ping shan district than the 11th floor, block A culture square 

The Zhengzhou office:

The Xian office:

The contact :Manager xu 

The contact :Manager zhao 

Sales hotline:130-5759-5769

Sales hotline181-3665-2546

Address:Jinshui district of zhengzhou city mall road and the road building, 8 floor, great 

Address:Xi 'an yanta district zhangs eight east road no. 123, 8, room 11801, building 1 unit 

The Chengdu office:

The Xining office:

The contact :Manager wang

The contact :Manager zhao

Sales hotline:130-6254-8271

Sales hotline187-9595-9543

Address:Chengdu venture Dan an west road no. 56 shanghe metro 4-704 

Address:Xining 26 May 4th street 

The Wulumuqi office:

The contact :Manager wang

Sales hotline:187-6160-0887

Address:Urumqi city tianshan district youth 37 


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Address:Jianye district of nanjing brocade LeJi plaza to the tenth floor (the street intersection) and traditional Chinese