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Wireless pager ZC - HJ700
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  • type:Other integration equipment
  • description:Product size: 60 mmx60mmx8. 5 mm, net weight: 27 g. shell material: PC (German imports) surface treatment: polishing, product color: red, white, surface button: PC (Taiwan) imported by Japan heald research glue, button life: one million times

Product size: X60mm 60 mm X 8.5 mm 
Net weight: 27 g 
Shell material: PC (Germany) 
Surface treatment: polishing 
Product color: red, white 
Surface button: PC glue (Taiwan) imported by Japan in research 
Key life: one million times 
Key number: 1 
Using spectrum: 433.92 MHz 
Launch distance: 1400 m (empty distance) 
EMC anti-interference: strong 
EMI compatibility: conform to the national standard 
Battery: 2 CR2032 button batteries 
Battery life: generally available 18 to 24 months 
Waterproof degree: ordinary water spray 
Apply to host: all hosts 
Technical characteristics 
Awarded a gold medal at a south Korean pager design 
Patent of appearance design 
The world's most thin pager, thickness of 8.5 mm 
Dream light, soft and romantic 
USES the SAW DEVICE, aviation special communication ensure the stability of signal transmission 
Along the base, both waterproof and easy to replace batteries or maintenance 
Registered in super stability, way, not garbled words phenomenon 
Built-in channel to prevent mixing, built-in timer circuit design 
Resistance to temperature, humidity change function, security, stability 
Can match with any host 
Can change at any time, number, and reused 


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