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National symbol of day, let us not forget history tradition, from nanjing
2015-09-02 10:49:02

        On December 13, the nanjing massacre victims national symbol of day. To mourn victims of the nanjing massacre and the Japanese were all in Japanese imperialism during the war of aggression against China Japanese invaders killing dead, keep in mind the war of aggression to the Chinese people and the world people caused by the severe disasters, expressed deep condolences to our compatriots in the nanjing massacre victims, 10 December 13, when the nanjing massacre victims national symbol of ceremony will be held. 

         When played at the scene after sing the national anthem of the People's Republic of China, nanjing urban area range NaDao road motor vehicle shall offend honking at 1 minute, train and ship horns at the same time. 

         As a Chinese, we should keep in mind that the nanjing massacre brings us pain, remember history, not forget national humiliation! On December 13, 1937, Japanese invaders invasion of nanjing implement for more than 40 days of humanity massacre, 300000 creature was murdered, a left the darkest page in the history of human civilization. Twelfth session of the standing committee of the National People's Congress of China in 2014 by determining seventh conference, will every year on December 13, set up for the victims of the nanjing massacre national symbol of day. The adoption of the resolution, giving victims in nanjing massacre memorial to rise to the national level. The establishment of national symbol of day that the Chinese people oppose war of aggression and defending human dignity, the firm position of the maintenance of world peace. 

        Police in nanjing, nanjing massacre victims of the national symbol of after a few days ago, that is, from dec 11 solstice December 13, will start the service public security prevention and control level, nearly 5000 officers were tuen p street; The city's 32 highway check stops security comprehensive upgrade, after the motor vehicle, personnel will be treated to a suspected will check. Nanjing 50 square Ann volunteers will also be in-depth streets, strengthen community preparedness. The nanjing massacre were killed by the Japanese invaders as the memorial hall security equipment provider, we will spare no effort to provide the best quality service, for the public security escort, to create a safe and harmonious social atmosphere! 


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