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Security companies thinking: sell products or services?
2016-10-27 17:04:57

A, transformation of selling products or selling services 
1, the customer demand to promote enterprise transformation 
Got started in the 1980 s, the security industry in China, the people of the concept of security is equivalent to the front-end analog cameras, back-end matrix, video tape recorder and video monitoring system consisting of the CRT TV wall, customers often need only this a few products through cable assembled a closed system, China's security companies are given priority to with the agent of these products. 
After more than 20 years of development, while the cameras from analog to digital, from sd to hd, but only on the requirements of the product's technology, the overall solution requirements. Security companies still in camera, yuntai camera control, video recording, information transmission, detection alarm a few categories of products such as manufacturing, just have more security companies began to independent research and development products, and have our own intellectual property rights technology and brand. 
In recent years, some companies are beginning to provide security product solutions and application solutions, but early security system mainly composed of hardware, involving most of the software are also responsible for the underlying logic operations, rarely appears in the application layer security system. Such as hard disk video recorder of the client software, called management software with the intrusion prevention system and cooperate with the entrance guard system of entrance guard management software, the security software more belongs to the role of supporting and matching, as the additional hardware products provide users with free of charge by the hardware manufacturers. 
However, the real service is not just develop personalized products according to customer's requirements or solution, also is not simple to after-sales service products or solutions. Users need to do more than a few cameras connected to the Internet, also need to alarm system, emergency scheduling effective linkage. As customer demand has increased, general monitoring products can not meet the needs of the market, the rapid development of the emerging applications such as overall solution, aimed at different the personalized needs of the industry, develop suitable for different customized products become the new trend of market demand, security industry competition from product competition into the past with the comprehensive strength of the system solutions for the core competition. 
2, industry development to promote industrial upgrading 
In recent years, due to the improvement of the industry production, the development of technology, represented by camera security hardware products is more and more generalized. Also means lower profits, product homogeneity competition intensified. China's security industry developed more than 30 years, into the industry reshuffle of stage. As an industry, every big reshuffle, means a big upgrade, at the same time also means that companies need to change the way business strategy, management, enterprise organization structure in order to have a better development ability and opportunity. 
In addition, before security companies large and small can find their own living space, with the development of industry, a number of competitive leading enterprises, with high quality but low price products, strong brand influence devouring small and medium enterprises market space. Hardware product profit compression, prompting security companies looking for other opportunities: technical services more would consider the needs of users, so can create more value. As a result, the financial security system, security system, safe city campus security system, security system and so on, shops one after another of the demand of the overall solution, become each big security companies continue to chase the focus of the project. Security companies on the way to develop differentiated competition, is experiencing a from the mode of selling products to selling solutions and service model transformation. 
3, the wisdom city booster security companies to upgrade 
Wisdom city construction under the government's efforts on maintaining continuous high-speed growth, to the safety industry bring enormous business opportunities and broad market space, but at the same time also want to see, wisdom city construction projects has big difference with the traditional security project. This difference can help achieve security industry upgrade, can eliminate a multitude of security companies cannot keep pace with The Times. 
In traditional view, security enterprise only wisdom city project cameras and NVR, one kind of hardware products supplier, even can provide solutions, also can solve the problem of a unilateral. But with the popularity of network technology application, makes security from the past simple safe protection system of the city to city integrated system evolution, more and more projects need to be all over in the corner of the city all kinds of information resources integration in together, make it play a role, through the analysis of the unified management and help the government managers understand the city various aspects situation, real-time response and handling in time. This is the security of enterprise system integration ability put forward new requirements. If the security companies are still confined to the enclosed products, pure hardware products, is easy to be replaced by more sophisticated hardware business, security industry will be marginalized. 
In addition, the "wisdom city" is a very complex information system, in general, contains a network, common platform, information resources, application system and service channel level. Especially now has entered the era of big data, various industry mutual confluence, under this background, the camera is not isolated, monitoring and control system also cannot be isolated, so the security companies in interventional wisdom city project, not only to get rid of the identity of the hardware supplier, also need to actively into the Internet, with the Internet technology, thinking to provide solutions. 
Second, the upgrade to do bigger and stronger 
Security from equipment dealer group to plan of the enterprise business process, different levels of challenges, some solid hardware product technical ability, but it is lack of software platform management experience; Some can provide independent software, but the lack of ability of comprehensive systems and equipment; Some has system integration capabilities, but cannot acquire the such big projects in wisdom city... When market environment change in such a huge, enterprises how to choose their own path? 
Companies often asked, do bigger and stronger. Today, it has become a must make a choice. Enterprise in the choice, on the one hand, according to the past accumulated resources and their own advantages, on the one hand, according to the market orientation judgment: either become powerful hardware products supplier, do fine and stronger in a professional area, occupying most of this kind of product market space; Either has a strong ability of system integration to help customers design to build a set of "tailored" security solutions, through a service like "turnkey" project general way provide to the customer. 
1, to provide "turnkey" engineering service to our customers 
Security companies used to do most of the projects are based on video monitoring system is given priority to, but wisdom city connotation broader, in addition to the intelligent security, also contains the wisdom transportation, medical and political wisdom, intelligence community, many areas linked through the Internet, all kinds of information on a platform of interconnectivity. Security industry is no longer an independent management module, but with other industries, other systems, to form a child modules of comprehensive service content, this requires security enterprise with higher technical level and resource integration ability, need to provide for the customer is not a simple video transmission, but involve data acquisition, communication, processing, feedback of IT system solutions. 
In this context, those with a rich product line and system solutions for security companies can more quickly adapt to new market demand. Therefore, if the security companies want to get a piece in wisdom city this big cake, you need to prepare in these areas. In platform, for example, need wisdom city construction, the enterprise and social video and cloud access resources sharing, video resources to push into the networking platform, achieve information sharing, that has implications for the standardization of security products and system problems, docking, the stability of the large-scale network problems, and so on; In terms of the service object, security enterprise is facing more minor industries before the user, in wisdom city project, security companies also need to fully consider the business unit and a large number of city residents' needs, developing products and systems that could satisfy the requirement of their corresponding; At the technical level, is at the heart of the city to the depth of information collected through the front sensor processing and analysis, to get the results to meet the needs of users. This also need security enterprise has the ability to deal with large data. 
Wisdom city construction, due to lack of top-level design as often results in the construction process, information island, a large number of redundant construction, the business can't together, and a series of problems. 
Top-level design is a strategic design of wisdom city must pass through, but even have rich experience in the solution of security companies has seldom involve top-level design which on the one hand, it's also one of the security companies need to fill. 
2, do fine and stronger in the field of security branch 
Customized integrated security management system application in security market will become mainstream, if have the professional do the products have no chance? On the contrary. On the one hand, the large volume of industry market and customization features determines the impossible dominance, industrial chain upstream and downstream cooperation synergy is inevitable. Some enterprises participating in wisdom city project has excellent integration on the software platform, but cannot produce all the products conform to the requirements of the project, the hardware products must be purchased from suppliers. 
Wisdom city project, on the other hand, includes many fields, such as transportation and medical wisdom, wisdom will differ in product selection. And hardware vendors in differentiating road will focus on a vertical area, or aimed at a segment of the market, the high quality products to let them become a first-class supplier in the field. In order to guarantee the engineering quality, system integrators tend to choose these came out on top in the niche business enterprise to become partners. Hardware suppliers, therefore, if we can become the best in the industry, so also can be one of the beneficiaries of the wisdom urban construction. 
Industry reshuffle is under way, perhaps, in the new market situation, the future of the security industry will form a new pattern of the industry, in addition to a group of large-scale comprehensive integration into the security industry leader in China, in the field of branch and a batch of intensive cultivation of professional products manufacturer, the two complement each other, with the country's main security market share. 


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