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China's security industry development trend of the four big attraction
2016-10-27 17:04:14

        Security technology application in China started in the entity protection and intrusion alarm; Big development on (analog/digital) video monitoring; Will improve in the future in the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data as the core content of feature recognition and intelligent video analysis. Security industry development direction is against IT, and to realize four security industry transformation, namely from analog to digital image; System consists of closed (dedicated) to open (share); Set by fixed to independently generate change; System functions by passive prevention (later) to actively detect (advance). Security for the development of the ultimate goal is to achieve "everyone is safe and everything is safe, always safe all security (including the reality space and virtual space)". 
China's security industry after 20 years of development and growth, both the number and technical level, have reached a certain level, 2013 annual output value has nearly 300 billion yuan, but now in the stage of reshuffle and the transformation of the tide. 
1. From the point of the security technology development, to pay close attention to the following three development trends in the future 
Camera (1) 4 k and 4 k progress of monitoring and control system 
"We can see more broad, we can see more clearly, we can see more comfortable", this is a video monitoring system construction is very pressing needs. A complete set of hd solution to cover the video collection, coding, transmission, storage, control and decoding output, until the center management platform, etc. Specifically, high-definition video acquisition, just finished the first step of high-definition monitor system, you need to hd encoding and hd streaming transmission, implementation of high-definition digital signal switching control, as well as the hd streaming access and hd display. 
4 k camera pixel level refers to the 8 million high-definition cameras, a 3840 x 2160 resolution 4096 x 2160 pixel and the two types of specifications. 4 k resolution equivalent to four eight 1080 p or 720 p resolution. 4 k camera popularization is the main problem facing its high-definition resolution with large bandwidth and high storage cost. 
Composed of 4 k in addition to the need to have 4 k camera monitoring system, still need to have 4 KNVR storage device and the h. 265 video compression standard, and 4 k large size display has already been launched in the television industry, video transmission optical transceiver using optical fiber also don't have to worry about. 
(2) security video monitor the characteristics of the image recognition and intelligent analysis technology 
Security video surveillance camera is the feature of much and work 24 hours a day, so the performance for the number of video image monitoring system for huge amounts of big data, which not only brings the pressure of image transmission and image storage, at the same time to stable and reliable operation of the monitoring system will be a challenge. Technically, can take measures such as system structure designed to monitor and control system of image storage as far as possible on the front end and in situ treatment way, maximum to reduce the capacity of transmission lines and bandwidth; In the backend system, can through the video image to frame redundancy filtering, compression, packaging, minus packet loss, and many other information technologies to reduce the capacity to store the image; And in the backend system, how to develop effective practical intelligent video image analysis algorithm, improve the accuracy of recognition is key. How he excavated for various industries such as ets [data in useful knowledge, how to ensure that the data flow between the infrastructure and facilities and equipment, how to reduce the data for from different users or different system access barriers, architecture is the personalized intelligent digital surveillance solutions in the three most important concepts. 
Intelligent analysis of value is mainly manifested in three aspects: one is intelligent analysis will be passive monitoring to active monitoring, which will enhance the added value of security products; Second, intelligence analysis to improve the entry barriers, only has enough technology and scale advantage of leading enterprises are eligible to participate in the competition; Third, intelligent analysis of changes in the operating mode, a shift from the traditional equipment manufacturing operation services, intelligent analysis system because under the mode of "cloud computing" more efficient, more effective, so also will accelerate the equipment manufacturer to the transformation of operational service. 
(3) to realize video image around the network scheduling and information resource sharing 
According to the ministry of public security to deploy, by 2015, the national public security organ system to realize the video image scheduling and resource sharing of the Internet. The ministry of public security in 2012 introduced a peaceful city to build new application requirements, to the public security organs to deploy the video image information integration and sharing tasks, based on video image information sharing platform construction as the core, the comprehensive construction and optimization of video monitoring system and sharing platform, establish and improve the mechanism of the depth of the video image information application, promote cross-regional, cross-sectoral, across the launching of video monitoring system to effectively integrate information sharing and video images. 
On June 1, 2012 formally implemented based on the SIP protocol interaction benchmark standard of GB/T28181 the safety video monitoring network system of information transmission and exchange, control technology requirements, making images of a wide range of video surveillance or more greatly speed up the national network, can realize fast retrieval of time orientation, but also on the video private network integrated access video monitoring of all kinds of social resources. 
2. From the development trend of the security market, in 2013 began to form the security situation in oligopoly, polarization serious security enterprise 
On the one hand, is the leading enterprise to occupy half to lead the development of security technology and very large market share, hikvision company turnover amounted to 10.74 billion yuan in 2013, dahua co is 5.41 billion yuan, is ahead and gree and beauty is like a home appliance industry. , of course, they also have to face in the domestic industry's rising star such as zhejiang yu depending on science and technology, China HuaLu group company. Governors are chiefly of all stripes in the local area, market share, "very badly, such as in guangdong in 2014, the peace of the tens of billions of urban construction in the cake, emerging, all new too, to treasure all three companies through the merger and acquisition target is to account for more than 15%. Also, foreign security giant Honeywell, Bosch, Tyco, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Axis and so on also has strong competitiveness. But on the other hand, is facing a lot of small and medium-sized security companies in 2014 to the cold, day difficult or more keenly felt. 
3. The active alarm industry industry alliance 
From the point of security development pattern, although the video monitoring and access control was still the main melody of prevention, but the alarm industry industry alliance of soon showed activity, its position in the service center and wisdom by 110 urban operators, thus greatly broaden the market. Also in the alarm host MinYongHua the support design, mobile phone APP, cloud platform and equipment integration trend direction 
Again, in addition to the traditional security marketing methods, the meteoric rise of electric business model will be no small impact on sales of security products, worthy of attention. With WeChat, microblogging and APP for three mainstream mobile Internet will make media, content, dissemination and consumption anywhere at any time convenient. 
MinYongHua because it contains huge business opportunities, security and family DIY applications will also be increasing popularity, worthy of attention. 
4. Security industry as the foundation of wisdom city construction, the most important platform 
Wisdom city informally is to advance the construction of the new type of urbanization, intensive, green, intelligent, low carbon is a new type of the basic connotation of urbanization, it will make the city more intelligence, make life more convenient. Wisdom city and should be the cities at the same time provide, each have their own characteristics, but to information sharing and can connectivity is its essential function. 
Wisdom city is the next stage of the urbanization process, is a new height of city information, is the landscape of modern urban development. Broadband wireless city, digital city, city, city is the necessary condition of intelligent city. From the development of intelligent city, has from the smart home, intelligent building, intelligent community to wisdom city that grew up a ring set with a ring topology pattern of development. 
(1) the first step to wisdom city construction is to realize the safe city monitoring network system, for any city, security and emergency response is the first important. 
American 911, building 911 incident, two layers of high instantaneous in ruins one world trade center in New York, caused the world of the boom, then also appeared condition, enduring the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. The United States, if an uncover more global surveillance scandal that the world is not peaceful, and the theory of boiling, even not immune foreign dignitaries, not only create tension in the state-to-state relations, also make people feel their own security threat. 
Bombing of the Boston marathon in 2013 is one of the world, the contestants more, watch more, explosion buck bei is boss, police see it as the most complicated areas, but its solve speed is too fast just four days to unter den mouth stay, by image analysis of the video can be found at the scene of the crime, surveillance camera hardware, social media monitoring, Internet traffic analysis and other advanced technical support. 
(2) wisdom city construction of the second step is the construction of digital city, digital city features as follows: 
A city level 3 s (GIS, GPS, RS) system, to realize the digitization of urban infrastructure; 
Highly developed communication, strive to triple play and resource sharing; 
The popularization of computer and inter-city network, electronic commerce and electronic government affairs to become people living fashion; 
City management platform and the paperless office operations and remote. 
(3) in the realization of the digital city, after the wisdom of the urban construction of the third step is to establish an intelligent government office system, and implement a unified management platform of urban intelligent transportation, emergency command, smart grid, wisdom park, intelligent logistics, digital campus, digital urban management, environmental protection, food safety, safe home, safety, and so on function, these will be considered is the symbol of the wisdom urban basic construction. With cloud computing as a build wisdom city resource pool and integrated platform foundation, will greatly drive the wisdom city development, make the city drifting cloud wisdom, realizes the person and the architecture and the environment symbiotic co-prosperity, constructing "resource saving and environment friendly" man and nature harmonious city is the main characteristic of wisdom city and desire and the pursuit of goals. 
Future, on the one hand, cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, mobile Internet and wisdom city in various emerging technologies, will change completely the application mode, put forward new challenge; , on the other hand, with mature technology and the deepening of the application, the urban development will drive from technology-driven to demand, this will be more comprehensive strategic challenges. Using "wisdom city" path to solve the urban traffic rule, the environment is allowed, equal education medical these the problem faced in the urbanization process, is a global trend. 


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