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Investment will reach 4 trillion by 2020 subway
2016-10-27 17:02:11

Subway line is born at breakneck speed, more and more second - and third-tier cities are trying to join the subway. 
Released recently, the development and reform commission (NDRC) continuous multiple urban rail transit construction plan (2015-2020), the approval documents. The huaxia times reporter found, only from May 21 to 27 just six days, almost every day some new or newly approved urban rail project. Only waiting for social capital to participate in the investment of metro lines have 17. 
At present, 39 cities across the country had been approved by the construction of the subway. By 2020, the total mileage will reach 6000 kilometers of subway, investment will reach 4 trillion. 
"When the economy is bad, rail transit is the best boost the economy, local government especially like high-speed rail and the subway. Some small cities could not reach the requirements of construction of the subway, but also the planned light rail, such as the ground of urban rail transit." Not a name in the industry for the huaxia times reporter said. 
Intensive horse 
Like mushrooms, new subway project outcrop in succession. 
Recently, can reach more than 100 kilometers per hour of Beijing metro line express 19 issue, the official start of the environmental assessment of the public. It is understood that the 19th line is one of Beijing's plan to open this year 6 subway, belongs to Beijing's first subway line fast, operations can reach more than 100 kilometers per hour. Beijing rail transit construction management, relevant controller introduces, after a phase of the project, 19 line is expected to continue to the north and south. 
On May 27, Harbin metro line 2 a and phase of the BOT contract franchise contract signing ceremony was held a formal. The line length of 28.6 kilometers, are the underground line, set up 19 stations, estimated investment of 20.5 billion yuan. A day earlier, on May 26, said toomey, general manager of nanjing subway group, is the construction of the first phase of the nanjing subway line 4, after the completion of next year as planned, the nanjing city subway lines will form well glyph, people travel more convenient. And eagerly anticipated by his public subway line 5, is hard work, is expected to start the end of the year. 
In addition, Qingdao is now planning a 19 the rail line. Among them, the urban planning of the 353.7 km line 10, planning the 475.8 km line 9 in the suburb. Today, in addition to the current construction of metro line 2 and line 3, the domestic first cross-sea metro line 1, tandem Qingdao old city west and the east new district subway line 4 as well as serve the huangdao district subway line 6 are also get formal approval of the state council in December 2013. Approved of the three subway line 109.1 km, along with the construction of metro line 3 and line 2 line, about 160 kilometers of Qingdao will form the backbone network, subway six basic coverage area and the main foreign transport hub. 
Not only around the subway construction in full swing, the relevant planning vision. 
Recently, the national development and reform commission formally announced the nanjing urban rail transit construction planning (2015-2020), the approval documents. Approval shows that over the next five years, nanjing to build eight subway lines, a total length of 157.2 kilometers. 
While the Hohhot metro planning 2020 also won approval in the near future, in accordance with the plan, is expected in 2020, the center of Hohhot city public transportation accounts for the proportion of motorized travel reached 50%, urban rail traffic accounted for 15% of the public transportation. 
In addition to the municipality directly under the central government, provincial capitals for rail transit interest, some cities for rail transit investment is also very active. 
It is reported, Hohhot is after jinan, 39 a city with the subway become attached to. In addition to the traditional municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital cities, xuzhou, nantong and other three cities also has approved the subway construction, and baotou, luoyang, yantai, etc in the third line cities are also actively preparing for. According to the relevant agency predicted that by 2020, for the construction of urban rail transit city will reach 50. 
Steady growth of gripper 
Jiang-yu zhang, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, the comprehensive transportation research institute research center had predicted that 2013-2018 years, is expected to 3127 kilometers of railway construction, estimate the total investment is 1.86 trillion yuan. Now, however, the expected quite conservative. 
In 2003, the state council general office has issued a circular, metro city filed development should meet the following condition: the local finance general budget revenue in 10 billion yuan of above, gross domestic product (GDP) reached 100 billion yuan of above, the urban population in more than 3 million people, the planning of line scale to one-way traffic during the peak hours of more than 30000 people. Declaration of city light rail construction should reach: the local finance general budget revenue in 6 billion yuan of above, gross domestic product (GDP) reached 60 billion yuan of above, urban population in more than 1.5 million people, planning line size to one-way peak hour passenger flow more than 10000 people. The threshold is very high, many cities are difficult to achieve. 
In May 2013, the state council decided to cancel and down a number of administrative examination and approval projects, urban rail transit project approval authority down to the provincial competent department of investment, is a single line project feasibility report just approved by the provincial development and reform commission, this also means that the enthusiasm of the local subways is inspired to the greatest extent. 
Jiang-yu zhang thinks, from the current look, part of the urban rail transit planning to meet the development and reform commission approved the requirements of rail transit, but by 10 to 20 years of development, in the commercial and industrial layout, and along the community residents, in the later period is expected to reach the standard. "The existing planning is designed in accordance with the overall planning of the city, which is according to the urban development planning in 2030, according to the existing situation and conditions as the judgment is not reasonable." He said. 
As of last year, a total of 37 cities in China approved by the construction of the subway. This year or will continue to increase. 
Shanghai jiaotong university professor Wang Zhenxin think, now local interest for urban rail transit project is very big, but the core is the money problem. Most of the current domestic subway (urban rail) are state-owned, loss of subsidies by the government. 
"In fact is not necessarily all city to build the subway, some second - and third-tier cities if small population, urban residents can building light rail, also can build monorail, cost cheap, convenient operation, should adjust measures to local conditions to plan around the subway project." The Chinese academy of engineering academician wang said. 
Early, in fact, the national development and reform commission issued "notice about strengthening the management of the urban rail transit planning and construction" (hair change basis [2015] no. 49) also point out that rail transit construction to adhere to the "strengths and orderly development" policy, and orderly development of the subway, encourage the development of light rail, tram, etc elevated rail transit system or laying on the ground. However, in the case of steady growth still needs investment main, the heat of the urban rail will continue. 


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