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The ministry of public security: from now on express packages implement real-name registration
2016-10-27 17:01:23
Xinhua learnt from the central ZongZhiWei 22, the ministry of public security and so on will be from now on to the next March 15 department to carry out special rectification action dangerous explosive goods deliver logistics. To do this, will be fully around the strong safety standards delivering logistics management, Posting and delivering logistics activity after the real-name registration, sent items prior sealing, mail express through the X-ray machine, etc will be pushed to carry out the safety management system. (white) 

A few days ago, the comprehensive management of public, the ministry of public security, the ministry, the ministry of land and resources, the ministry of transport, the department of administration of work safety and other 15 decision, from now until the end of March 2016, a nationwide centralized rectify dangerous explosive items, delivering logistics and disputes help solve a special operation. 22, state councilor, vice secretary of the central committee, the central ZongZhiWei, deputy director of the ministry of public security minister Mr Bin hosting a TV conference calls, is to carry out the special action, to do a good job of the current social stability to mobilize the deployment. Mr Bin stressed that all regions and departments to earnestly implement the jinping comrade general secretary, prime minister li keqiang and meng jianzhu, such as the central leadership important instructions instructions spirit, according to the national work conference on public security prevention and control system construction requirements, manages concertedly, comprehensive treatment, and detailed measures, to carry out the responsibility, resolutely punish affect public safety and social stability of all kinds of risks, to ensure continuous stable social situation and people's lives and property safety. 

Mr Bin said that the party and the state to maintain public safety in the prominent position, xi jinping, li keqiang, general secretary's prime minister and comrade meng jianzhu central leaders made important instructions instructions many times. All localities and departments should understand and learn to unity of the thought and action to the central deployment requirements, to the party and the people's highly responsible spirit, go all out to good, solid organization to carry out dangerous explosive items, delivering logistics rectification and disputes help solve a special operation, and do the special operation as well this winter spring an important gripper, the safe and stable work as accelerating an important measure for the construction of social security prevention and control system, efforts to increase the ability to maintain public safety and social stability to a new level. 
Mr Bin stressed that to learn deeply, problem oriented, hold fast to the source control, dynamic supervision, standardized management, and other key link, to consummate the dynamic safety regulation mechanism, the hidden perils in normalized mechanism, the full cover safety responsibility system, and strengthen the safety management measures, centralized control of all kinds of security risks. Will work hard to dangerous goods inventory management, strengthen the enterprise's main body responsibility and department supervision responsibility, the full implementation of the production, sale, transport, storage, use and so on each link safety management measures, and investigate the violation behavior, crack down on endangered crime. To intensify safety standards delivering logistics management, the full implementation of sent items transcendental view after sealing, delivering logistics activities real-name registration, express mail through the X-ray machine system, to improve management level of industry norms. To adhere to and develop "maple bridge experience", intensify the contradiction dispute big screen, actively explore new methods of prevention and resolving disputes under the new situation, to put all kinds of contradictions in local disputes settlement, resolve in the bud. To full implementation of social security prevention and control measures, build a solid security and stability of the solid line, held for the fifth plenary session of the party 18 build good public security environment. 
Mr Bin, are required to adhere to the "national chess" thought, to further strengthen cooperation, efforts to form manages concertedly, comprehensive control of whole resultant force. To closely around the local reality, to formulate specific implementation plan, rapid deployment to start the special operation. Departments concerned should improve the coordination mechanism, establish and improve the regular consultation with the transfer, briefings, clues, joint law enforcement, such as working system, strengthen the linkage between the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, efforts to achieve blasting of dangerous goods, delivering logistics comprehensive coverage of each section of the safety management work, seamless docking. To perfect party committee leadership, government leading, ZongZhi coordination and departments involved in disputes help solve a mechanism, integrate all aspects of resources, the overall strength, insist to materialize, comprehensive treatment, and actively promote resolve disputes source to resolve, and diversity. Will be carried out to strengthen the supervision inspection, the special operation into ZongZhi evaluation system, to questioning, warning, admonishing work poorly supervised conversation and listing, a yellow card, ensure that deepened to carry out the special action. 
Mr Bin stressed that to carry out special operations and to carry out the "three steady tightening real" project, on the basis of the organic combination of education with more strict standards, more real, more forceful measures to grasp implementation, to ensure that all work measures to implement to "the last kilometer". Should strictly executing, strict supervision, through the special operation, firmly shut down a batch does not meet the requirements for the safety of working units, punish a batch fails to perform the responsibility of safety management professionals, national office staff on the treatment of a batch of dereliction of duty, hit a number of criminals suspected of illegal crime, and further perfect the governance problem from the source of long-term working mechanism. To strictly implement the responsibility system of the enterprise's main body responsibility, departments, regulatory responsibilities set up and down. Leading cadres and especially principal leading comrades at all levels should be further intensified between staying duty, between staying conscientious consciousness, insist on the implementation of the strong party spirit, and the implementation of the pragmatic style of work, and grasp the implementation of serious discipline, to take to ensure a safe, maintain a stable important political responsibility. 
, central committee deputy secretary-general, deputy director of the central ZongZhiWei central Chen Xunqiu, director of the comprehensive management of public company, a deputy minister of public security, transportation, vice minister of He Jianzhong, deputy director of state administration of work safety Xu Shaochuan, juner, deputy chief of the state post bureau of Beijing municipal committee Zhang Yankun has made the conference speech respectively. The central authorities responsible for comrades at the main venue to attend the meeting. Provincial, city and county level 3 departments responsible comrades around the venue to attend the meeting. 


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