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Is chi technology into nanjing subway service providers
2015-09-02 10:47:15

        On April 9, 2015, is chi technology in metro line 3 security products bidding project, formally become nanjing subway service providers. The company will adhere to the "technology innovation, innovation, service innovation" the development direction, force for national stability and public security ideas! 


Nanjing metro line 3 
Nanjing metro line 3 is the opening of the river-crossing in article 2 of nanjing subway line, opened on April 1, 2015, mark color is green. 
Metro line 3 ways to pukou, gulou, xuanwu borough, qinhuai district, it and jiangning area, line north forest stand, the wear of the Yangtze river in nanjing urban south, in dongshan town, south to radar weeks east road station, series of jiangbei district, urban and vice city dongshan. 
Line 44.87 km, 44.87 km of underground line, the elevated line 2.4 km; Set up 29 station with the underground station 28, elevated station 1; Train marshalling for 6 section type A drum type train. 
As of May 2015, metro line 3 average daily passenger flow of about 430000 people. On May 1, 2015 of the 2015 passengers for the highest single line 3 lines. 


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