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Job title: assistant 
Job type: full-time 
Working location: nanjing headquarters 
Work experience: unlimited 
Degree required: college degree or above 
Hiring: 1 
Release date: 2015-05-21 
Job requirements: 
1, have good communication ability and service consciousness, have the administrative assistant working experience is preferred; 
2, work well organized, careful, serious, responsible, handle affairs rigorous; 
3, proficient in computer operation and Office software, have basic network knowledge; 
4, familiar with office administrative management knowledge and work flow, familiar with document writing format, basic business letter writing ability; 
Touch: Mr Xu 
Contact phone: 025-58804546 
Company address: jianye district of nanjing brocade LeJi plaza to the tenth floor 


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Address:Jianye district of nanjing brocade LeJi plaza to the tenth floor (the street intersection) and traditional Chinese