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ZC - DMS vehicle seismic detection system
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  • type:Vehicle inspection
  • description:Testing time: usually not more than 40 seconds, less than 60 seconds largest alarm mode: at the same time provide software interface alarm with sound and light alarm device applicable models: all models (small cars, medium vans, and large container trucks

Product introduction 
Vehicle internal hiding someone, hiding the heart generates rhythmic beating, the vibration will be passed to the vehicle suspension, at the bottom of the car, such as location, through the connected sensors and tested vehicle, the vibration equipment acquisition and through the data cable passed back to the data analysis, analysis software were analyzed, and the analysis software operation range precise focus on the frequency range of the beating of the heart, on the basis of this vibration analysis, on the display terminal can show whether someone is clear, and accompanied by sound and light alarm. This technology avoids the traditional limitations of X rays, CO2, etc, are widely used in the prison, frontier defense, public security and so on. 
Technical characteristics 
Using passive detection, harmless to operators and checked the vehicle full, low environmental requirements, testing of high efficiency, can work continuously, deployed at any time 
Detection time quickly, 40 seconds screening; Double alarm mode, at the same time provide software interface alarm with sound and light alarm device 
All sensors to meet IP65 protection requirements, anti-jamming is strong; Special data transmission cable, can automatically rebound income inside the host 
Vehicle data management functions, provide vehicles in and out of registration, automatic storage test results, the report output, backup and restore, etc.; Operation log management functions, support the operator's classification and authorization, add and delete, activation and shut down, etc 
Equipment touch screen operation, Chinese operating software, can achieve single operation; Mobile equipment is convenient, can be trained laypeople, mobile, transport, remove the assembly; Suitable for all kinds of vehicles 


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