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ZC - XS8065 single X-ray machine
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  • type:Baggage check parcel
  • description:Product introduction ZC - type XS8065 many energy X-ray security screening equipment is the newest tra nsport dangerous goods inspection equipment, equipment with computer control and image processing as the core, probe higher resolution independent resea

Product introduction 
ZC - XS8065 many energy X-ray security screening equipment is the newest tra nsport dangerous goods inspection equipment, equipment in computer control and image processing as the core, the independent research and development of detector higher resolution, image more clear and bright, is advantageous for the visual identification of checked items. Equipment channel width is 1000 millimeter, height is 1000 mm, the channel size is larger, conveyor belt distance from ground is low, easy to place larger items, suitable for airports, customs, railway stations, ports, logistics, warehouse and safety checks of larger items. 
The device according to the atomic number of test items, to distinguish between organic matter and inorganic matter, with different color by color display is presented to security personnel. By adding different option, which can realize remote control equipment, suspicious objects recognition tips, and other functions. 
Technical characteristics 
, the X-ray generator can adjust ray power, radiation dose, which can be set to comprehensive protection operating personnel's health; X ray sensor using more energy L photodiode array detector, precision of the industry's highest resolution of 1.5 mm as yuan. 
Using high resolution display, joint running at 2560 x 1024 high resolution mode, image more clear, fine; System standard 3 kva regulated power supply system, can deal with possible bad power supply environment; Using industrial computer system, the whole machine licensed Microsoft genuine Windows XP software pre-installed software; USES a 24-bit true color display packages of objects of different material, colour and lustre bright-coloured, is advantageous for the operator to identify packages of dangerous goods. 
Software can be continuously infinite, smoothly prior to pull back, pull the image positioning, can smooth pullback 20 screen package images; Software can be saved, management 100000 images, and can according to user requirements increase hard disk capacity; Software has dual energy, pseudo color, a single can wear, high and low wear 6 kinds of image display mode. 
Secondary alarm function, software with dangerous articles, suspicious objects, system of X-ray in opaque objects and high density organic material to secondary alarm, through the corresponding location in the image display green alert operators to the box. 
, which can realize remote operation control and terminal monitoring system, more humanized operation platform, according to the customer demand itself need to adjust the operating orientation; Have sleep wake up function, no more save electricity load standby function; The automatic fault diagnosis system, easy to maintain 


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